Each label will be between 3cm - 12cm long. We make sure each label is uniform with each other. If you need a specific length or height please get in touch for a custom order.


When ordering please enter the words using commas to separate each word. Self Raising Flour or Plain Flour is counted as one word. We do not accept more than one unit on a label.


For example Tea/Coffee/Sugar or Inhalers and glasses would be three separate labels. If you are unsure please send a message. 


Words that contain more than one word will be added onto separate lines. For example, Self Raising Flour will be added onto three lines and Plain Flour will be added onto two lines. Longer words will be smaller in size if there are too many characters. If you would like the words on one line please state this at the time of ordering.


We do not spell check your personalisation. They will be spelt how the request comes through to us. 


You can stick these on any clean, smooth surfaces. Application instructions will be enclosed with your order.


There are four fonts to choose from and over 10 different colours. If you do not see a colour you are after please get in touch as I have lots more available.


These labels are for personal use only

Personalised Pantry Labels, Wedding Vinyl Stickers